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If you’re like oh…everybody else in the world, you probably think your mobile bill is too high.  Koodo Mobile is committed to doing things in a fair and transparent way.  So we’ve asked them for some tips that may shave some money off of your next mobile bill.  Take a look at your bill and see if any of these rate drivers apply to you.

New phones are expensive, so rather than make customers purchase it in one lump sum, the phone companies spread your costs over a two-year period (in most cases), conveniently added into your already spend-y service bill. Big surprise: Very few phone companies remind customers when the contract is up and continue charging them for a phone that they own outright. Make sure these costs are removed from your bill after your phone is paid off.  If you are unhappy with your current plan – Koodo offers the Tab – which lets users decide how much money they want to put down, and decide what their monthly payment will be each month.  Once the phone is paid for, your bill goes down.

Go through your old bills, or a use data-measuring app like My Data Manager, to  better understand your monthly data consumption.   Most plans these days are all about data – so figure out how much you really need and shop around for the best plan.  Most people are good with 1-2GB a month, but many providers will try to sell you on an “Unlimited Data package.” Don’t pay for what you don’t need.

Sure, it’s easier to just download that 2 GB video with your data connection than asking a surly barista for the café password. But that password is your ticket to free downloads and all other streaming content. When you don’t log in using WiFi, your mobile device will still deliver all the content you want, while quietly running up your data usage, and charging you for it.

Plan for Travel Roaming rates definitely apply as soon as you cross the border. So that monthly plan you’ve finally gotten used to might look a little inflated after you travel. To avoid unexpected charges, be sure to set up a temporary plan for the dates you’ll be in another country.

Just because your mom has finally figured out emojis, doesn’t mean she wouldn’t rather hear your voice.  And with virtually all plans offering free voice calls these days, you’ll save on data.

For more transparent answers to all your mobile questions, visit www.koodomobile.com/tab and see if Tab is right for you.

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