The LG G Flex2 is the Perfect Selfie Phone -


The LG G Flex2 does more than look good on its own; it helps you to look great too. The G Flex2 strikes a perfect balance of hardware and software between its front-facing and rear-facing cameras, allowing you to look your best in every photo that you’re in.

The G Flex2’s front-facing camera boasts 13 megapixels for clear and detailed shots in all lighting conditions. More importantly to that portrait photographer though, the camera also contains an Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) system for eliminating camera shake in long-exposures and low-light photography, and Laser Auto Focus for fast and accurate focusing on your subject. The Dual LED flash allows for even, natural lighting that won’t cast harsh shadows across your subject’s face. Other cameras might require you to fiddle around in the menus to get the right portraiture settings, but the G Flex2 takes advantage of hardware for the perfect point-and-shoot.

The front-facing camera is also capable of shooting video in up to 4K at 30 frames per second, or full HD at up to 120 frames per second. So, if your subject is just moving too fast, you can capture a high-res video and pull still from it later. Trying to catch some pics of your latest trick or dance routine? Mount the G Flex2 on a tripod or grip for a slow-mo action cam.

The G Flex2 sports a 2.1 MP HD Front-Facing camera, which means the sensor contains 2,100,000 pixels. That’s over two million points of incredible detail. Any more, and the smaller pixels would introduce unflattering noise as they struggle to capture light. So, every shot you take is detailed and bright, even in low-light.

But more than just the sensor matters for that perfect shot. You want to look calm and natural too, as you hold the phone comfortably and steadily. Not only does the curved G Flex2 fit more naturally in your hand, allowing for a more natural grip on the phone, but you no longer have to fumble your thumb across the screen or buttons and lose your perfect angle as you attempt to capture the shot. The G Flex2 features a gesture-based capture mode, allowing you to active a three second time by making a gripping motion with your free hand in front of the camera. And for those selfie-stick wielding photographers, simply bringing the phone back toward your body will preview your latest photo, making it just one step easier to verify you’ve captured the perfect shot.

Whether you’re taking photos of yourself or someone else, that natural look is more important in portraiture than any other genre of photography. But for those moments that just need a little nudge, the G Flex2 contains robust editing features for that extra pop. So whether you’re wielding a selfie-stick, a tripod, or just recording some memories with your friends, the LG G Flex2’s photos will be just as vivid as your memories.

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