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In 2007, the introduction of the iPhone ushered in the era of the modern smartphone. Since then, the top players have waged a neck-and-neck competition, investing large sums of money to mount aggressive marketing strategies only to tear each other down. With all this mudslinging, top brands are losing their image as the leading and innovating pioneers of the industry due to constant lawsuits and pointedly negative advertisements.

A few weeks ago, however, LG published a new kind of advertisement – one that focuses on craftsmanship and collaboration rather than competition. This ad emphasizes the confidence LG has in Optimus G, its primary flagship model which has entered the market as a strong competitor. Does this mean LG is emerging as the “dark horse” in the high-end smartphone space?

For the first time, LG joined hands with vertically integrated sister companies to create the Optimus G. In collaboration with LG Display, LG Innotek and LG Chem, new technologies such as True HD IPS Plus display, Zerogap Touch, a new camera form and high-density advanced battery were developed specifically for the Optimus G.

Furthermore, the working relationship between LG and Qualcomm continued with the Snapdragon S4 Pro that is incorporated into the Optimus G. The Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core is a ‘powerhouse’ that is proven through benchmark tests to be the best-performing processor at this time.

Thanks to the foundation of such collaborations, development of state-of-the-art display technologies such as the Zerogap Touch and True HD IPS Plus Display from LG Innotek and LG Display was possible. The two new technologies – Zerogap Touch and True HD IPS Plus display – harmonize to offer the slimmest, sharpest and clearest viewing experience yet.

The True HD IPS Plus display is an advanced LCD technology that delivers outstanding screen quality, especially when compared to Super AMOLED displays. With True HD IPS Plus, the screen is bright, colors are vivid and graphics are crisp. LG even managed to squeeze three color elements rather than the standard two into each pixel.

While other manufacturers were preoccupied with a high spec war, LG’s main focus was developing and promoting differentiated user experience. Competitors may have adopted an attitude that said, “Hey, here are some UX features for you to try.” LG, on the other hand, developed UX features that were more convenient for consumers to use.

For instance, the QSlide function displays two applications or functions simultaneously via transparent layers, so users can complete two tasks at the same time such as sending a text message or searching the web while watching a video.

Recently, LG achieved global sales exceeding 10 million for the stylish L series, proving that LG’s legacy of solid design heritage still continues. LG’s premium design, evident with the Chocolate and the Prada phone, has been passed down to the Optimus G.

For its exterior, Optimus G inherited LG’s unique design DNA and heritage. The phone is glass-form constructed and is contoured to feel comfortable and seamless. LG emphasized beauty in simplicity by giving Optimus G a completely black unibody form. The back of the device also features a crystal reflection finish, which gives the phone an eye-catching sparkle that gives it its own one-of-a-kind look.

Meanwhile, LG was recently chosen exclusively by Google to collaboratively launch the Nexus 4 phone with the newest Android OS, Jelly Bean 4.2. LG edged out all other manufacturers in the mobile space by being selected by Google to showcase the latest Android smartphone.

When other manufacturers launched a Google reference phone, they experienced significant growth. By collaborating with Google to create the Nexus 4, LG received the validation it needed within the industry to take a leap forward in the mobile phone marketplace. The Nexus 4 has been in great demand since its launch; the device was sold out within a short amount of time after it became available for sale.

By working with internal and external partners on successful collaborations, LG continues to show its competitiveness. The smartphone manufacturer boasts True HD IPS Plus display, differentiated UX and its premium design as strong assets. With these three strengths, LG has another hit on its hands and is ready to take on its competitors head on as a new “dark horse“ emerges in the industry.

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