Samsung Plans to Disable All Galaxy Note 7 Handsets in the US


The Galaxy Note 7 is a smartphone Samsung wants everyone to forget about as soon as possible, but for now, the company is still trying to stop Note 7 handsets from being used due to the danger they pose. This is a handset that can explode, after all.

Following a ban by airlines, a recall program, and even a battery charge-limiting update, Samsung looks set to take yet another, much more final step to stop Note 7 use.

An image shared with The Verge shows an alert sent out to a Note 7 owner in the US stating that their phone will be prevented from charging as of December 15. In other words, the Note 7 is being permanently disabled.

Samsung wants all Note 7 handsets returned, but around 285,000 are still in the hands of customers. Effectively bricking those phones should at least get some of them back, even if it means upsetting a few people who were happy to continue taking a risk. And it's not as if Samsung is just asking owners to give up the handset; a replacement phone will be offered (read The Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Alternatives).

If you know anyone who has held on to their Note 7, urge them to return it before Samsung pushes out the disabling update next week. If you still want a Samsung-branded phone in your pocket, then our recommendation is the similar, but safe Galaxy S7 Edge.

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