Our favorite smart jewelry is as brainy as it is beautiful


dt-best-of-150_smartjewelSmartwatches and fitness trackers may get all the attention, but there’s another class of wearables that’s much better looking and just as high tech. Smart jewelry is the answer for many a fashionable woman who wants the activity tracking of a fitness band without the bland silicon strap, or the woman who wants the notifications of a smartwatch without the chunky design and glaring screen.

We’ve gathered together all the best smart jewelry from smart rings and bracelets, to pendants and necklaces. Here are our favorites.

Why should you buy this: It’s the most versatile, subtle piece of smart jewelry you can buy.

Who’s it for: Women who want to keep tabs on their activity and mindfulness practice

How much will it cost: $120+

Why we picked the Bellabeat Leaf Urban:

Bellabeat makes our absolute favorite pieces of smart jewelry. The original Leaf and the new Leaf Urban are subtle and smart fitness trackers that look like jewelry. Despite the beautiful design, the Leaf packs all the power of a Fitbit and adds its own hint of flair with meditation exercises.

The Leaf  Urban is a versatile little clip that you can wear on a chain as a necklace, as a bracelet with Bellabeat’s leather strap, or as a brooch clipped onto your clothing. Its versatility is refreshing and ideal for women because it accommodates a variety of styles and looks like a real piece of jewelry.

The original Leaf is made of wood and its metal clip is fashion in the shape of a leaf. Meanwhile, the Urban is made out of a composite of wood and eco-friendly degradable plastic that looks like stone. The Urban is more environmentally friendly and it is water resistant. You can even shower with it on without ruining it. The pretty abstract leaf design on the front looks lovely and the included bracelet or necklace are both high quality. The metal clip comes in two finishes, including rose gold and silver.

To see your data, you have to sync the Leaf to the companion app. In the app, you can set goals for your active minutes, calories burned, distance traveled, sleep, and mindfulness meditation sessions. You can also set up silent alarms to wake you up peacefully and track your period or fertility in the app. It’s a wonderful experience because Bellabeat gives you encouragement and tries to help you meet your goals.

Whether you buy the Urban or the regular Leaf, you won’t be disappointed by this gorgeous piece of smart jewelry. The main difference is design and the fact that the Urban is water resistant. It’s truly the best piece of smart jewelry you can buy.

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