Sony Launches PlayStation Communities App for PS4 Gamers


Sony just made it a lot easier to stay in touch with your PlayStation 4 communities when you're away from your console.

You can now check in with your fellow community members, and find new groups to be part of, using a PlayStation Communities app for iOS and Android.

Released Tuesday, the app lets you check out community profiles, view a list of groups you're part of, and see who else is in your community. You can also discover new communities from the app, which offers up recommendations based on the games you've played and highlights trending groups.

For the uninitiated, PS communities are places where you can find players with similar interests and preferences. Within a community, you can join parties, launch into games with other members, or talk about your shared interests.

"For instance, if you're having trouble finding players to tackle Destiny's newest raid, Wrath of the Machine, a Destiny community may help you fill out your fireteam," Sony's Vice President of PS Brand Marketing, John Koller, wrote in a blog post. "The app's streamlined design makes it easy to post text and images on the community wall."

You can also opt to receive push notifications so you never miss a post or reply.

In other PlayStation news, Sony last month announced a partnership with eSports leader ESL to allow for competitive tournament gameplay right from your console. To check out upcoming tournaments, just go to Events in your system menu. The feature will initially support one-on-one matches in Mortal Kombat X, WRC 5, Project Cars, and NBA 2K17.

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