Defend against injection attacks


Download As our reliability on software grows each day, it becomes imperative that we implement software in the most secure manner possible.

In this white paper we'll explore the risk of injection attacks, how to prevent these vulnerabilities in your software, and how static code analysis can help.

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    Qualcomm's New Fingerprint Sensors Work Under Glass, Metal, Water

    There has been a lot of talk lately about the future of fingerprint sensors in phones.This week, at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, Qualcomm announced the Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensors line, a new fingerprint solution that not only will work under thick glass, but under metal and water as well.
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    Zoho Notebook (for iPhone)

    Business software company Zoho has a new note-taking app called Notebook that could be an Evernote competitor someday, but isn't yet.The free Zoho Notebook is a mobile-only app with limited features compared to what Evernote offers.
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    Is This a Dual Camera Galaxy S8+ or Our First Look at the Galaxy Note 8?

    Posted to Twitter over the weekend, our first potential look at a Samsung something is forcing us to use our thinking caps.Published by Eldar Multazin, a long time leaker, the phone clearly looks like a Galaxy S8+, with exception to one major difference – a dual camera system on the backside.
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    Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 Returns (Sort Of)

    Exact locations and release dates for the refurbished phones aren't available yet, although USA Today reports they won't be sold in the US.Not every recalled Note 7 will return to the market, however.