Security Breaks DevOps - Here's How to Fix It


Download Reliance on virtualized infrastructure and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) has exploded, making manual provisioning and management simply not feasible anymore; it takes too long and locks up too many resources. Modern DevOps methods and tools have emerged, thus responding to the business faster. Now, IT and security teams need to adopt platforms and processes that match the speed and agility of their DevOps brethren. Learn how to speed up DevSecOps with these key ingredients.

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    Google Confirms That It is Making a VR Headset for Daydream

    This morning, during the “VR at Google” session here at Google I/O, Google’s VP of virtual reality, Clay Bavor, confirmed that the company is making its own VR headset.During the session, Google also showed off the Daydream controller and how it will work in a virtual environment.
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    Verizon's Galaxy Tab S2 Gets Marshmallow Today

    Hours after Verizon pinged us with a list of the 13 devices they had updated to Marshmallow in recent months, I get the feeling that they should have waited, because the list has already grown again.This morning, Verizon began pushing an Android 6.
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    Facebook News Feed Update Prioritizes Family, Friends

    The social network last year similarly prioritized content posted by the people you care about.So, over the coming weeks, Facebook is making over its News Feed to ensure things posted by friends and family come first.
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    Guide to a Smart Home Starter Kit

    The benefits offered by a smart home sometimes seem like the luxurious domain of those who can afford to live on the boundary of science fiction.But the reality is that smart home technology has been around for enough time that it’s no longer out of reach for most, and can be built in to even a starter home or apartment.