Fingerprint Stickers Make Any Gloves Touch-Screen Compatible


Winter is coming. But don't be left out in the cold, trying to capture Instagram pics and send Snapchat filters with frozen fingers.

Vancouver-based Nanotips this week launched a new Kickstarter campaign for TAPS—a touch-screen sticker with its own unique fingerprint for use with any capacitive device. Just peel, stick, and touch: Add TAPS to your favorite pair of ordinary gloves, register the faux "print" in your handset, and start unlocking your phone or making online purchases.

Military-grade durable, waterproof, and flexible, the stickers can be applied to any surface—a glove, a banana, a dog's paw—and used on any touch-screen gadget. Plus, each TAPS features an individual fingerprint; no two are the same, even within the same pack of four. Which means a friend or sibling with the same technology can no more easily break into your phone than with their own fleshy digits.

Creator Tony Yu is no stranger to Kickstarter: He successfully crowdfunded Nanotips liquid touch-screen solution two years ago.

"We have had the opportunity to learn the process from production to delivery," the TAPS campaign said. "Production is ready to go—all we need to get this rolling is your support."

There are 28 days left to order your own set of fingerprint stickers, which are expected to retail for about $20. Early-bird buyers, however, can snag a four-pack for $8, or two kits for $16. Get a jumpstart on holiday shopping with five sets of TAPS for $41. Retailers can also get in on the action with a bulk option.

All rewards are estimated for delivery anywhere in the world in December.

TAPS has thus far earned about $4,000 of the its $5,962 goal (converted from $8,000 CAD).

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