6 Big Sales and Marketing Challenges Solved


Download Big data represents a golden opportunity for small and midsize enterprises. Many businesses are investing heavily in big data analytics, with much of that spending on predictive analytics technology that can analyze data to forecast future events. These solutions are particularly useful for sales and marketing teams, helping to create targeted campaigns and touches that increase sales. However, using predictive analytics for sales and marketing poses challenges.

Some predictive analytics applications are so complex that they can be used only by highly paid data scientists. And some solutions require large clusters of expensive high-end servers. Until recently, only very large organizations could afford the staff and infrastructure needed to use predictive analytics effectively.

Today, in-memory technology is changing that reality. It lets less-expensive servers process large quantities of data quickly, so that more businesses can afford the necessary hardware. These new in-memory solutions also feature intuitive interfaces so that sales and marketing groups can self-service their own needs.

Download this guide to find out six ways sales and marketing teams at small and midsize organizations can use the predictive analytics solution from Dell EMC, SAP and Intel to convert more prospects into customers.

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