Samsung’s latest mobile accessories are weird, but oddly fun


Samsung is ready to sell a range of very unusual looking, but deliciously funky, new mobile accessories. Don’t expect yet another dreary leather folio case with a window on the front in the line-up, because these are unlike any mobile accessories you’ve seen before.

The Samsung Wireless Speaker Bottle is by far the weirdest gadget in Samsung’s new range. It looks like a milk churn designed by Eve from Pixar’s Wall-E, but it’s actually a 360-degree surround sound speaker with an LED light on the top that, when you make a pouring motion, gets brighter. Yes, a pouring motion. Next, give the whole thing a shake, and the light cycles through its 16 million colors. Bizarre, but still cool.

Samsung doesn’t want wires cluttering up the Speaker Bottle and making all those gestures rather difficult to perform. In addition to its Bluetooth connection, it has wireless charging built-in too. You wouldn’t want to balance the Speaker Bottle precariously on just any old charging plate, so Samsung has made the Wireless Charger Tray, which is designed to wirelessly charge both the speaker and a compatible Samsung phone.

Staying with charging up your devices, Samsung also has the Battery Pack Kettle Design, so called because from some angles, it looks a bit like a kettle. Or a jug. Slightly. There are two packs, one with a 5,100mAh battery and the other with a massive 10,200mAh cell, that come in a choice of pink or blue colors. We really like the clever kickstand that holds your phone in a convenient position for watching video while it’s charging up.

Nothing too weird about that, right? Samsung agrees, so to get everything back on track it made a USB LED light accessory that plugs into the Battery Pack Kettle Design, turning it into a, “handy and stylish lantern.” We often find ourselves in need of a lantern, the more stylish the better, so this is excellent news. To close, the collection returns to audio with the Wireless Speaker Scoop Design, which is another Bluetooth speaker that can be clipped to clothes or placed on a desk, and a pair of wired in-ear headphones with a fabric cable and an unusual rectangular design.

Samsung already sells these accessories in South Korea, but will have them all up for sale internationally from November, through its own online store and other shopping websites. Crucially the prices haven’t been announced yet, but due to all the funky, lifestyle designs, we doubt any of them will be cheap. We’ll update here when we know more.

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