Security for the Internet of Radios - How to Protect the Enterprise from Radio Frequency Threats


Download We all know Wi-Fi uses radio to communicate, but so do the other 99 plus protocols that make up the world of mobile, cellular and the Internet of Things (IoT). All these new radio enabled devices bring with them new invisible threats. Enterprises will need to be able to react to new threats entering their environments through the Internet of Radios. This guide will introduce a new technology that is giving corporations new situational awareness, helping to prevent data ex filtration, and saving security team time. Key Benefits include:
Sense - Continuously monitor your corporate airspace across the entire wireless spectrum from 60MHz to 6GHz
Identify - Detect vulnerabilities and malicious behavior on wireless, cellular, and IoT devices
Localize - Pinpoint on a floorplan of your premises where the malicious device is, and where it has been
Open Standards - API for integration with existing SIEM and Analytic systems

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