Samsung Sets Up Note 7 Trade-In Kiosks at Airports


Galaxy Note 7 owners still in possession of the dangerous device now have another option for returning their handset before boarding a flight.

Samsung has added Note 7 exchange booths at South Korea's Incheon Airport as well as airports across Australia. As in the US, Aussie passengers are no longer permitted to take a Galaxy Note 7—switched on or turned off—on a flight from Oz.

"We are working with airlines and airports in Australia to arrange customer service points within high-traffic terminals where customers, who are unaware of the Galaxy Note 7 ban on flights, can arrange an alternative device at the airport," the Samsung website says.

Travelers can leave their handset at the pop-up booths and obtain a loaner for the duration of their trip. Upon returning to the Land Down Under, pick up your prohibited handset (assuming it has not yet burst into flames). For those leaving Australia for an extended period of time—or permanently—Samsung will, "where possible," exchange the Note 7 for another Samsung phone—either at the terminal before departure or at your destination.

These service stations, open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time, are cropping up in "high-traffic" terminals ahead of security screening:

Commuting through an airport without a customer service point? Speak to ground staff for assistance and Samsung will follow up to arrange an exchange or refund.

Similar service points have been spotted at the San Francisco International Airport. Samsung did not immediately respond to PCMag's request for comment.

The US Department of Transportation last week classified the Galaxy Note 7 as hazardous material, prohibiting airline passengers from transporting the smartphone in carry-on or checked luggage. Effective on Oct. 15, the ban is more restrictive than an earlier Federal Aviation Administration ruling that allowed passengers to fly with a Note 7, but forbade them from turning the phone on or charging it in flight. Now, passengers risk having their phones confiscated and being hit with a fine.

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