Making the most of mobile: how to turn a revolution into an evolution


Download 90% of workers in the U.S. use their personal smartphones for work purposes. And nearly 180 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2015.

How can you quickly and affordably transform your business while utilizing mobile opportunities? Take a page from your employees. In Making the Most of Mobile: How to Turn a Revolution into an Evolution, the modernization of business processes is examined and explored.

As more businesses embrace the move to a mobile work style, business process applications can help transform the traditional and empower employees on the go. With K2's application platform, you can streamline processes and increase efficiency from anywhere, on any device. K2 enables you to build reusable, agile apps for any workflow - from account management to billing to customer service - and connect people, systems and data.

This white paper features specific examples of departmental challenges and mobile app solutions. It also includes a comparison of traditional versus modernized processes and "IRL" (in real life) examples of companies who have transformed the way they work.

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