Google Photos Taps Into AI for Video GIFs, Nostalgia Trips


An update to Google Photos will make it easier to find photos and fix shots that show up sideways.

The app comes with a hint of nostalgia; a "Rediscover old memories" will resurface old photos you may have forgotten about. "As your photo library continues to grow, we hope that features like this one make it easier to look back at your fondest memories," Product Manager Tim Novikoff writes in a blog post.

New cards, meanwhile, will display the best shots from recent photos. "If you take a lot of photos of your child, for example, you may occasionally get a card showing the best ones from the last month. (Hint hint: grandparents would love to see these!)," Novikoff writes. Tap the three dots in the top-right corner to share the album.

Another card will highlight sideways pictures in your collection and give you the option to turn them right side up. Cards will appear in the Assistant tab, where you can also search, create new albums, and get in-app notifications—like recent highlights.

Users, meanwhile, have always had the option to create animations (i.e. GIFs) out of photos. But the company is expanding this to include animated videos, too. "And not just any videos," Novikoff said. "We look for segments that capture activity—a jump into the pool, or even just an adorable smile—and create short animations that are easy to share."

"For all of these features, you don't have to do a thing—machine learning in Google Photos does the work for you," the blog said.

These updates are available now for Android and iOS apps, as well as on the Web.

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