SIEM & Log Analysis Whitepaper


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It doen't matter your size, industry, or revenue - cypbercriminals are actively trying to exploit your organization. While all employees should be concerned with cybersecurity, those involved with the day-to day operations must make it a priority and be laser focused on changing regulations, security framework updates and the latest attack vectors.

To stay one step ahead, smart organizations choose a combination of Security Event Information Management (SIEM) and Log Analysis to gain valuable, real-time insights into the security activity on their network. This whitepaper explores the connections between thwarting hackers and the use of next generation security management platforms. Before deploying a next gen cybersecurity platform, it's critical to understand how SIEM and Log Analysis should be used as the backbone in combatting attacks.

If understanding how to stay ahead of cybercriminals and keeping your network safe seems like a daunting task, you're not alone. Today's threat landscape demands more than a signature-based approach to detection. This whitepaper will explain how to implement SIEM/Log Analysis tools so that you can stay both secure and compliant.

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