Security Incident Management Solution Primer


Download Today, the capability to respond effectively to cyber incidents is one of the most critical components of an enterprise security program. A growing rate of breach disclosures in the news serves as proof that for most organizations, breaches are inevitable. For organizations of all sizes to survive these public debacles, they must enhance incident response capabilities as part of a principal investment in their security incident management program. The alternative is to risk damage to brand reputation, customer experience and loyalty, and profitability.

Many enterprise security programs continue to focus on prevention-based point solutions. Even security organizations looking to invest in more advanced programs such as threat intelligence still do so within the context of preventing attacks. While a few mid-market organizations have proposed to discontinue all prevention investment in favor of a combination of forensic retainers and cyber insurance, this strategy is not financially viable. Download this solution primer to learn about the most effective approach to this based on Optiv's primary research.

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