Galaxy Note 7 Returns to US Shelves With Non-Explosive Batteries


Amidst an explosion of controversy, Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 handsets are back on shelves. As promised, replacement devices went on sale today from Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

Sprint subscribers can opt to pay $30.42 per month for 24 months or $349.99 for a two-year contract; an unlocked version of the phone is also available for $849.99. Verizon customers can spend $36 per month for 24 months or lay down the full retail price of $864.

AT&T, meanwhile, texted customers on Tuesday, confirming in-store availability of the new Note 7. The message, a company spokesman said, was sent to every phone number directly and indirectly associated with a Galaxy Note 7, an encouraged customers to visit their local store for a replacement.

T-Mobile customers can bring their Note 7s to stores or call 1-844-275-9309.

Samsung on Tuesday said that "over 500,000 new Galaxy Note7 replacement devices have arrived in the US and have been shipped to carrier and retail stores."

The company has also delievered a software update to carriers that "will display a green battery icon on the status bar [to indicate] that consumers have a new Galaxy Note7 with an unaffected battery."

Earlier this month, Samsung issued a global Galaxy Note 7 recall amid reports of exploding batteries. The company later announced a software update that prevents the device from overheating (and erupting) by capping battery recharges at 60 percent.

Note 7 owners can exchange their Note 7 for a new one or a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge (and get a $25 credit in the process), swap it for a non-Samsung smartphone, or get a full refund. According to SurveyMonkey, 35 percent of adults plan to get the refund, while 26 percent are eyeing Apple's iPhone instead. Another 21 percent said they would switch to a different Samsung phone, leaving 18 percent intending to snag a replacement Note 7.

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