5 Tips for Getting the Most From Your Language-Learning Program


I could tell you all about the best language learning apps, but that alone isn't enough to make you learn. Learning a language requires daily practice and long-term dedication. So how do you do that?

Learning a language is not too different from accomplishing any other long-term goal in the sense that it takes habitual, deliberate practice. Additionally, any long-term goal needs to be broken into smaller parts that are well defined. Finally, a little accountability often helps, too, as does not having a financial barrier.

Daily practice is essential for learning a language. To make a daily practice out of anything, you have to make it a habit. To make it a habit, you have to be clear about what you're going to study, how long it will take, and do it at the same time every day.

In forming a new habit, it helps to tie it to another existing habit. Habits, like brushing our teeth or walking the dog, are things we do so routinely that we hardly think about them. If you tie a new habit to an existing one, you have a trigger that reminds you to do it until it becomes routine on its own.

Pimsleur App

Let's say you commute 30 minutes to work by car. That's a perfect time to play an audio-based language learning program, such as Pimsleur. You're already in your car every workday, which makes it an opportune time to latch a new habit onto the existing one. Or maybe you commute by public transit and you can afford to put your eyes on a screen. In that case, you could use a language-learning mobile app, such as Duolingo for iPhone. Or, let's say you drink coffee every morning, and you usually surf Facebook while doing so. You can replace the Facebook habit with your language study. You're still sitting down with your coffee, just as your routine dictates, which will become the hook on which you hang your new habit.

The first few days or weeks that you make it a point to practice a language at the same time every day, you might need a reminder. Set a reminder in your phone, or put a sticky note where you'll see it. If you're using a language-learning app or audio files on your smartphone, put the app icons onto the first home screen where you'll see them. These are all simple tricks to help you remember to study until it becomes a habit.

2. Know How Much to Study

Some language-learning programs are really good at parsing out lessons so that you can complete one per day. When it comes to self-study, it's very important to figure out what is the right amount of study or practice to do every day. It has to be enough to be challenging (more on that in a moment), but it can't be too much as to be overwhelming.

Rosetta Stone lessons are measured out pretty well so that you can complete one a day and feel like you've made progress without pulling your hair out.

Pimsleur is also really good at this. In fact, Pimsleur comes with specific instructions to do one and only one lesson per day. Each lesson takes around 25 to 30 minutes. Beginning lessons are shorter. More advanced lessons are a little longer.

All my favorite language-learning programs told me what I was supposed to study each day and how long it would take. Having such clear guidance and expectations makes it easy to then add the study sessions to your daily routine.

Duolingo Goals

Not all language-learning programs come with instructions for how much to study each day. Sometimes it's up to you to decide. And you should decide! You should set a clear goal.

Remember, it has to be enough to be challenging, but not so much as to be overwhelming. Setting the right daily goal is part of deliberate practice. The lessons need to get progressively more challenging, too. Language-learning apps, with their sequential units, typically take care of that part for you.

Duolingo, which is free, has a goal setting built into it. You get points for hitting your goal and having an unbroken streak of days when you hit it. You can use the points you earn to unlock other features and fun perks.

With some of the more polished software, like Rosetta Stone and Fluenz, it's easy enough to say your goal will be to complete one lesson per day. But other apps don't measure out their learning quite so neatly. That still shouldn't stop you from setting your own daily goal. Yabla, for example, lets you practice a language by watching online videos. The length and content of the videos varies dramatically. But you could make a goal for yourself to watch a minimum of 20 minutes of videos and study your weakest 10 vocabulary words every day. Whatever you decide, write it down so it's concrete.

Another trick that might help you study your language regularly is to make yourself accountable. When enrolling in classroom learning, it's normal to feel accountable to the instructor or the other students, which twists your arm into showing up for each class. Well, many language-learning software packages have a virtual classroom component.

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