8 Productivity Tools Road Warriors Need


Life on the road means freedom and travel, but also the need for a solid arsenal of apps, power packs, mobile hotspots and other items to keep you productive. Here are 8 weapons you may want to add to your cache.

For those who are often on the road, in the air, or otherwise working remotely, staying productive and connected to your coworkers, boss, and the larger world can be a challenge. But not if you have the right tools.

Here, we show you some collaboration apps to keep you organized and in touch with your team as well as some gadgets to help you get the job done no matter where you are in the world.

Working outside of the office comes with a unique set of challenges -- fighting for space near a power outlet near our favorite work café, or dialing down the screen brightness on our notebooks and smartphones to squeeze the last few minutes of power out of our devices before the battery runs out. This is why we've included portable external chargers for both notebooks and smaller mobile devices in our roundup.

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Also on the list are global WiFi hotspots, devices built to connect you to the web from wherever you are in the country--or around the world. With ever-increasing mountains of data piling up around us, we've also included a portable hard drive, and keeping in mind the often rough and tumble life of luggage on the road, we've made sure to find a rugged drive that can take some lumps.

What you won't find on the list are smartphones, notebooks, and other mobile devices you're likely to already have with you. But it's worth mentioning that HP, Apple, and Asus all offer ultra-thin and lightweight notebooks that can remove a lot of the strain and reduce a lot of the bulk from your backpack.

And since the world seems to be getting noisier and nosier, we've included a bit of a luxury item for when you need to give your concentration--and productivity--a big boost.

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