Capitalizing on Innovation: Trends in Wealth Management


Download The wealth management market is a key battleground for financial services providers, as an estimated $41 trillion begins to change hands from one generation to the next. Current challenges for wealth management firms include everything from the persistent pressure on revenue, increasing expectations of investors and the digitization of financial advice. In this eBook, we examine four major wealth management trends and opportunities to sharpen your competitive edge and create a more personalized and meaningful wealth management experience for your investors.

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    Lights Out for

    The Gawker sites will be joining The Onion, ClickHole and other Web properties in Fusion Media Group, Univision's digital operation, Denton wrote in a memo to employees.The campaign being mounted against its editorial ethos and former writers has made it too risky," Denton explained in his memo.
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    Google's Magenta Project: Can Machines Be Musicians?

    With savvy cybercriminals using vulnerabilities in apps, networks, and operating systems to gain c Through a project called Magenta, Google's machine learning researchers hope to understand whether computer-generated music can qualify as art.To find out, the company's machine learning researchers, the Google Brain team, have released Magenta, a set of open source data models and tools, on social code repository GitHub.
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    Twitter Reworks Notifications to Save You From the Spam

    Spam and abuse take place on pretty much all social networks, so there will never be a cease to the work these companies put in to save you from it all.Announced today, Twitter is reworking its notification system, highlighting the ability to mute accounts that don’t follow you and new accounts.
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    With Android Nougat Google Introduces Scheduled Maintenance Releases, First Arrives This Fall as a Preview

    0 Nougat (feature list) was rolling out to Nexus devices, Google also subtly announced that they are introducing a new maintenance release program “over the coming quarters.” This new maintenance schedule will bring “continued refinements and polish” to the platform and will be available as a developer preview first, so that those who live on the edge of Android software will be able to test it first.