Read on the beach (or in the tub) with Kobo’s gigantic, waterproof Aura One


Amazon isn’t the only company in the ebook game. In many parts of the world, a company called Kobo is the king of the ebook reader. After a short hiatus, the company has returned with the Aura One, a high-end, waterproof ebook reader with a giant screen.

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Its 7.8-inch Carta E Ink HD touchscreen makes the Aura One the biggest ebook readers ever made. It has the same 300 pixel-per-inch resolution as high-end Kindles, so the words on the page are as crisp and clear as they are in print. Kobo also offers a night mode that diminishes the amount of blue light the screen emits. That way, you can relax with a good book in bed without losing any sleep to blue light. While many phones and tablets have this feature now, the Aura One is the first ebook reader to have an adjustable filter for blue light. The larger screen should also allow you to see more words on a single page, even with big print.

The Aura has a modern new look with slimmed down bezels and a flat glass front, so the screen is no longer nestled deep inside rubbery bezels. The back is black with a nice grippy texture. It’s also waterproof with an IPX8 rating, which means it can go under 6 feet of water for 60 minutes. The power button adds a pop of blue on the back, and there’s a Micro USB on the bottom for charging. The battery should last through a month of reading, though it will vary based on how much you read.

There’s a 1GHz processor running the device and 8GB of storage onboard. That should be enough to hold thousands on ebooks, and Kobo supports a number of formats, including EPUB, MOBI, PDF, TXT, HTML, RTF, and more. Public library borrowing via Overdrive, a system that’s used by most libraries for ebook lending, is built right into the Aura One. Kobo also has its own ebook store, of course, with more than 5 million titles. You’ll get personalized recommendations based on your preferences. As far as extra features go, Kobo lets you post quotes and passages directly to Facebook, highlight passages, get definitions, take notes, and place bookmarks.

Kobo’s Aura One will cost $230, and you can get one here.

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