T-Mobile Extends Unlimited Data to Paralympic Athletes, Attendees


T-Mobile has decided to extend its promotion that currently gives all of its Simple Choice postpaid customers unlimited data while in Brazil—so you can take all the pictures you want and text everyone about all the neat things you saw at this year's Olympics. The original promotion, announced back in July, will now work beyond August (its original deadline). T-Mobile is extending the promotion to cover the Paralympic games as well, all the way until the games' conclusion on September 18.

T-Mobile subscribers in Brazil will not only get free data (up to LTE speeds) while they're wandering around the country, but they'll also be able to call any number in the United States for the low price of free. If you want to hit up your friends or family in other countries, you're better off sending a text. T-Mobile won't charge you for those, but international calling fees (for non-U.S. countries) will still apply.

Those competing in the Paralympic games themselves will also get a bit of a bonus from the Un-carrier. Athletes just have to let T-Mobile know that they're involved, and they'll get free service from T-Mobile and a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone and Samsung Gear 360 camera. The carrier warns those interested to put in their requests quickly, as supplies are limited.

"We are proud to support America's finest in Rio and make it easier than ever for their families to share every moment of their experience! These athletes have trained hard and we want their families to stream, snap and share this historic experience without worrying about coming home to a ridiculous wireless phone bill," said John Legere, T-Mobile CEO, in a statement.

Don't go crazy, though. As T-Mobile notes in the fine print, the carrier has the right to terminate or restrict service for "misuse or excessive roaming."

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