Data Lakes: The 360-Degree Approach


Download Enterprises today generate and have access to huge volumes of data from a multitude of sources. Whereas businesses used to consider their data primarily a cost, requiring funding for ever-increasing amounts of storage, now most enterprises consider their data an asset — and are looking for new ways to leverage it for competitive advantage or to improve the bottom line.

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    Get Smart With Stacey: Geo-Fencing Your Garage Door

    If you have smart home questions you'd like me to answer, send an email to [email protected] recently just switched from a SmartThings Hub, which I like as a strong second hub to the Wink Hub 2.
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    Cloud Computing News, Analysis, & Advice

    Synergy Research assessed the growth of SaaS in 2015, and found it more mature than other cloud services -- and ready for an even greater takeoff.Here are 9 cloud services that can help make your travel to the expo or any other event less stressful and more productive.
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    GM, Lyft Partnering On Self-Driving Taxis

    The second is its March acquisition of Cruise Automation, designed to further accelerate GM's development of autonomous vehicle technology.The Journal's sources pointed out that details of the program are still being worked out.
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    Ludacris Updates Scrabble With Slang N' Friendz App

    Millennials may want to ditch it for Slang N' Friendz.The social crossword app from rapper and actor Ludacris (yes, that Ludacris) rewards folks for using slang words.