Google Puts Its Stamp On The Network Of The Future


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    iPhone 8 Rumor Tips 3D Selfies

    If the latest rumors pan out, the iPhone 8 will have a much more feature-rich front-facing camera.9to5Mac got its hands on a report released today by reliable Apple analyst KGI Ming-Chi Kuo indicating that the next iPhone will have a "revolutionary" front camera with 3D capabilities.
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    Watch: 8 Minutes of Leaked Pokémon GO Beta Gameplay

    In this 8-minute long video, we see a beginning trainer capture his first Pokémon, battle them, and how a player interacts with the world around him to find new Pokémon.Using your phone’s camera will likely drain just a bit more juice than if you choose not to.
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    Zero-Day Hunters Offer $500K For iOS Bugs

    Days after Apple launched its first bug bounty program, zero-day hunters Exodus Intelligence upped the ante.Cybersecurity researchers are invited to participate in the new Research Sponsorship Program (RSP), which awards bounties for both zero-day flaws and exploits against patched (n-day) vulnerabilities.
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    The Coming Death of Freeware

    As I write this column, I immediately wonder if the situation is so dire that I have to actually define freeware and shareware.But over time, the simple model that gave us all sorts of cool utilities, add-ons, and entire suites of software changed drastically.