Achieve Deeper Network Security and Application Control with a Next-Gen Firewall



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In today's ever-evolving threat environment, network security strategies are evolving to continually safeguard organizations. Modern attacks often employ several complex techniques to avoid detection and use new malware variants that traditional solutions cannot detect. Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) deliver a deep level of security across wired and wireless networks that can help you avoid vulnerability from cybercriminals.

Organizations that are not inspecting SSL are effectively blind to --and exposed by-- an increasing percentage of network traffic, with under-the-radar hacks affecting at least 900 million users in 2015. Success lies beyond the traditional focus on stateful packet inspection (SPI) and access control rules. NGFW solutions can inspect every byte of every packet regardless of port of protocol, while maintaining high performance and low latency.

This eBook explores:
- How the growing use of cloud and mobile computing, BYOD policies and the rise of shadow IT have created a need for deeper network security
- What you need to achieve deeper network security, including real-time SSL decryption and inspection, and integrated intrusion prevention system (IPS) with advanced anti-evasion technology, context-aware application visualization and control, and cloud-based malware protection
- Strategies to deliver deeper network security to organizations of any size without compromising network performance

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