Understanding Evasive Protocols and the Role They Play in Cybersecurity


Download Threats that hide in high ports and streaming network traffic aren't being detected or stopped by standard cybersecurity solutions. Learn how evasive protocols such as TOR operate, and why most standard solutions are failing to contain them. This eBook also discusses the security approaches that are proving to be the most effective and why.

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    Six Steps to Achieve the Joys of Serverless Architectures

    Today serverless architecture is enjoying a well-deserved designation as one of the hottest current trends in technology.Time is the third leg of the benefit stool when it comes to a serverless architecture.
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    DDoS Attack Knocks Twitter, Spotify, Others Offline

    A number of popular websites were knocked offline or experienced outages this morning after a DDoS attack on DNS provider Dyn.According to Hacker News, Twitter, Etsy, GitHub, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Shopify, among other services, were unavailable to some users.
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    Tech Leaders, Trump Team Search for Common Ground

    There appears to be some optimism in the air following Wednesday's highly anticipated sit-down between the Trump transition team and more than a dozen top Silicon Valley executives at Trump Tower.PayPal cofounder and noted Trump supporter Peter Thiel also was in attendance, functioning as the key liaison between the incoming administration and largely pro-Clinton Silicon Valley contingent.
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    Weekly Rewind: A wearable for Parkinson’s, Lamborghini’s SUV, Tesla solar roofs

    Despite surrounding controversy, ’13 Reasons Why’ is coming back for a second season Netflix has found enough reasons to renew its controversial, albeit popular, new show.Amazon’s Echo Show speaker plays YouTube Videos, hosts conference calls, and more Amazon’s long-rumored Echo speaker with a touchscreen is finally here, and it’s called the Echo Show.