Choosing the Right Digital Strategy for Your Organization


Download Forrester's recent report, Your Digital Experience Technology strategy Starts with a Customer Journey Map, helps organizations develop the right strategy for future technology investments. In this white paper, K2 explores their recommendations and helps readers understand that by investing in the right digital strategy they can avoid many of the digital pitfalls that come with this move to a more digital experience. Read the white paper and receive the complete Forrester report for free.

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    Ryzen 7 Chips Are Locking Up PCs, AMD Knows Why

    They are fast and significantly cheaper than Intel's equivalent Core processors.But with Ryzen chips now making their way into desktop PCs, AMD experienced its first major problem.
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    Penn Medicine: Using Data To Save Patient Lives

    Philadelphia-based Penn Medicine, the country's oldest hospital organization, decided to use big data to do something about it.Bill Hanson, chief medical information officer at Penn Medicine, in a telephone interview with InformationWeek.
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    ISIS Confronts Fake Android Apps

    And it should come as little surprise that ISIS, or the Islamic State, also has its own app.According to a report from Motherboard, ISIS has at least six different mobile apps that interested parties can grab and install on their devices.
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    6 Reasons Bimodal IT Is Wrong For You

    A couple of years ago, the good folks at Gartner unleashed a new label on the world of enterprise IT --  Bimodal IT.Some companies eagerly embraced bimodal IT as a way of "having their cake and eating it, too.