Determining the Right Enterprise Data Center Strategy


Download Enterprises today are at somewhat of a crossroads when it comes to their data centers. Many companies have been operating traditional data centers for years, or even decades. These facilities have served well as the IT nerve centers of the business, safely storing the most critical data in the organization and supporting end users and ongoing growth.

In recent years, with the emergence of server and storage virtualization, cloud computing, software-defined solutions and other technologies, the concept of the "data center" has changed dramatically. What worked well in the past might not be sufficient for today's and tomorrow's computing demands.

Although there is no need for companies to scrap their existing data centers and put everything in the cloud, it is vital for IT leaders to re-examine what the data center means for the business and how it must be transformed to serve the organization and its customers and business partners better.

In building the modern data center, large enterprises can actually learn a few things from smaller companies that have already adopted cloud services and Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDCs). The big difference between these smaller businesses and large organizations, of course, is scale.

Whereas midsize companies might be operating a single data center and have fewer than 1,000 end users, global enterprises are likely to have multiple data centers spread around the world, with many thousands of users in multiple locations.

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