How Millennials are Changing the Definition of Customer Care


Millennials know exactly what they want and expectations are high — very high. They are empowered in their personal life and demand the same in business. Because they are always on and always connected, using everything from mobile devices to social networks, Millennials expect each touchpoint to be as productive as any other – especially in business. No exceptions, no excuses.

The discerning nature of Millennials challenges every company as they occupy an ever larger share of customer bases and workforces. 

Join us for this enlightening three-part virtual event, sponsored by Interactive Intelligence, where analysts from Forrester and Frost & Sullivan will aid us in exploring this revolutionary generation through the lens of our customers and employees. Closing out the event, we’ll also explore whether technology can become future-proof as an outcome of this digital revolution.

Join us for a day of LIVE SESSIONS. CHAT with your peers and collect RESOURCES like white papers in the virtual environment: 


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