How to Get Your Enterprise Digitally Ready and Agile


Download Survival for most businesses today requires that they go digital. Competitive landscapes are being redrawn by 24/7 access via mobile and other connected devices as well as customers' ever-higher expectations for a better user experience. For companies at the starting gate, it is critical to articulate your digital needs, learn how to target your investments for maximum effect and create a culture in which lessons learned are fruitfully ploughed back into the firm --- all with the goal of being digitally ready and agile. In this white paper produced by [email protected] and sponsored by HCL Technologies, six experts look at what makes up the sharpest digital strategies. Kalyan Kumar B, chief technologist of ITO and digital operations at HCL, and Wharton professors Eric K. Clemons and Jerry (Yoram) Wind, offer their views along with technology leaders at Novelis, Manchester United and a major U.S. payments transfer and financial services firm.

International Data Corp. (IDC), in a recent series of conferences, identified key trends that will impact the ability of organizations to digitally transform over the next few years. Download this research report to learn about their findings.

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