iOS 10 Beta Locks Out Some Users With Two-Factor Authentication


Are you an iOS 10 beta user who was locked out of your device? You're not alone.

A Reddit user known as AppleBetas last week reported that they were locked out of their iOS devices and could not get back in because two-factor authentication was enabled.

With warning, AppleBetas was prompted to re-enter their Apple ID passcode, resulting in a warning that their account was rejected for security reasons. Passcode recovery attempts were met with a server error. AppleBetas called Cupertino, which said there were no outages or reported bugs.

Because AppleBetas had two-factor authentication enabled, "there was nothing he could do."

AppleBetas pointed to two other people who had encountered the same issue. The one not using 2FA was able to reset their password; the other running 2FA remains locked out.

"We don't know what triggered the message for all of us at the same time," the Redditor wrote. "The only commonality between the affected accounts is that we were using iOS 10 beta."

Developers have had access to iOS 10 since WWDC. AppleBetas posted on Reddit one day before Apple released the iOS 10 public beta. "They better have this fixed before then or it could be really bad for some users (and poor Apple support)," AppleBetas wrote in an update to the Reddit post.

Some iOS 10 users in the Reddit thread commented that they were going to (reluctantly) turn off two-factor authentication until the problem was fixed.

Cupertino did not immediately respond to PCMag's request for comment.

In an update yesterday, AppleBetas was still locked out. "I have figured out my future career working in Apple marketing," the Redditor quipped. "Two-factor authentication by Apple, so secure, not even our users can get in."

For those who want to risk it, anyone with a compatible iOS device can now sign up to test iOS 10. Navigate to the beta website, log in with your Apple ID, accept the terms, and download a configuration file to install on your gadget. But as this glitch demonstrates, beta software means bugs and occasionally more serious headaches, so less tech-savvy users or those without a backup iOS device might want to wait until the stable release this fall.

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