The Case for Re-Examining Mainframe MLC Software Costs


Download Mainframe usage is on the rise thanks to the growth of digital business, making it critically important for organizations to actively manage costs associated with monthly license charges. This whitepaper will show you how to use a structured approach to identify your top cost drivers and exploit technologies that reduce MLC, without impacting service levels.

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    Electronics Banned From Some US-Bound Flights

    Passengers could soon be prohibited from traveling with large electronic devices on some US-bound flights due to a ban that appears to be instituted by the US government.It would affect flights flying into New York, Chicago, Detroit, and Montreal, the tweet said.
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    Amazon Prime Day 2017 Kicks Off July 10

    Anyways, July 11 is the big day for all of the mid-summer discounts you’ll convince yourself you need from Amazon.For those not familiar with Amazon Prime Day, just think of it as a Black Friday in the summer for Prime members.
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    More Channels Added to YouTube TV's $35/Month Base Lineup

    While many are still awaiting YouTube TV to hit their neighborhood, given it’s still limited to just a few markets, a few more channels have been added to the service’s base $35/month lineup.In total, current users will find access to the aforementioned channels, as well as Sundance TV, We TV, IFC, Telmundo, and Universo.
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    Does your phone sound limp? Then give it some Mojo

    This is the Chord Mojo, an external DAC and amplifier that works with your phone or computer, regardless of its make.The Mojo isn’t the prettiest phone accessory you’ll buy, but once you get it going, you won’t care.