Huawei: Sorry, That Pic Wasn't Actually Taken With a P9


Whoops. Chinese phone maker Huawei has some egg on its face after acknowledging that an image it used to promote the camera in its Huawei P9 smartphone wasn't actually taken with the device.

Instead, it was taken by the Canon EOS 5D Mark III.

"It has recently been highlighted that an image posted to our social channels was not shot on the Huawei P9," the company told Android Police in a statement. "The photo, which was professionally taken while filming a Huawei P9 advert, was shared to inspire our community."

Huawei added that it "should have been clearer with the captions for this image," adding that it did not intend to "mislead" prospective customers. It has since removed the image and apologized for any mistakes that were made.

The image was published earlier this month on Huawei's Google+ page, showing a woman outside set against the sun. However, after users looked at the EXIF metadata that Google makes available on its social network, it was revealed that the photo was taken on March 8 with the Canon camera and an EF70-200mm lens, both of which costs $4,500 – far more than the Huawei P9.

For its part, Huawei has touted the P9's camera abilities, saying that it uses Leica dual lenses to deliver "high-quality pictures." The camera also comes with two sensors (one for color and another for monochrome), which the company says can provide "professional camera-like photo quality."

That said, the Mark III is among the most expensive (and capable) cameras in the world, producing photos that would be hard to replicate with a smartphone camera.

Nokia found itself in a similar situation in 2012, when the company admitted that a demo video of the PureView camera technology found within its Lumia 920 smartphone was not actually shot with a PureView camera.

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