Report: iOS 10 to Include Organ Donor Sign-Up


When Steve Jobs was ill and needed a new liver, Tim Cook offered a portion of his own. Jobs refused, later receiving a full liver transplant in 2009, but not everyone gets the same opportunity.

According to the Associated Press, Apple will include a new organ donor sign-up button in the upcoming iOS 10 Health app update. Inspired by his friend and the Apple co-founder's "excruciating" wait for a new liver, Cook hopes this software "will help ease a longstanding donor shortage," the AP reports.

Details are scant, but it sounds like the iOS 10 platform will allow iPhone and iPad users to enroll in a national donor registry. You don't have to wait for Cupertino's new OS, though: Anyone can sign up to be an organ donor online at

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, someone is added to the organ transplant list every 10 minutes, and an average 22 people die every day while waiting.

In 2012, Facebook added an organ donation button to the social network. It wasn't binding; it served primarily as a way to spread awareness among Facebook friends, and to inform family members of your intentions should they ever need to provide consent.

In May, the White House announced initiatives to help reduce wait times for organ donation. At the time, it said that "more than 20 organizations including Facebook, Google, ORGANIZE, and Twitter are developing new tools and public advocacy campaigns to increase the options and ease of registering to be an organ donor."

Apple's iOS 10, meanwhile, was introduced at WWDC and promises improvements to Messages and notifications. 3D Touch will also be more useful and Siri and Maps more accessible to developers. Available now to developers, a public beta of iOS 10 is set to launch soon, and, like MacOS Sierra, the platform will arrive for everyone in the fall.

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