5 Steps to Black Friday Success eBook


Download Your eCommerce infrastructure is vital to your marketing and sales - it is your business. Your customers want to buy your goods anytime, anywhere. And you need to constantly capture customer information so you can offer more relevant and pertinent offers, improving both the customer experience and your bottom line. By implementing the five steps outlined here, your eCommerce applications will be ready for any spikes in traffic that come your way, whether they are unexpected or on the not-so-distant horizon, like Black Friday.

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    Evernote, Facebook Now Sync with Outlook's Calendar App

    You can also RSVP to Facebook invites within the Outlook app.Anything else will require switching over to the Facebook app by tapping the "Open in Facebook" button.
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    Boeing 787 Dreamliner Bug Fix Requires Turning It off and on Again

    Now it turns out that same technique is being employed to fix an issue with Boeing's 787 Dreamliner passenger aircraft.According to The Seattle Times, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) discovered a glitch which can result in all three of the Dreamliner's flight control compute modules resetting themselves without warning at the same time.
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    Trump Got You Down? There's an Amazon Dash Button for That

    If you know how to code, Amazon will let you make one of its Dash buttons—originally designed to offer one-touch ordering of household staples like toilet paper—do pretty much anything.But can you make one that lets you vent your frustration about President Trump?
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    Why Can't I Log In? -

    With the recent rollout of some new features, we’ve determined that subscriber accounts no longer offer value to our readers at this time.As a loyal DT reader, you can still join the discussion on any of our articles on the site, as well as through our social-media channels.