Rumor: Google Giving Nexus Devices 'Google Support' Screen-Sharing


Having trouble setting up your Nexus device? Though Google offers plenty of support articles, as well as a phone and online chat service you can use to get some assistance with your Nexus issues, that might still be hard for you to navigate. Perhaps you truly have no idea how to use your Nexus device—and that's perfectly OK, it just might make troubleshooting over the phone or a chat window tricky.

Google hasn't had a great solution for your issues until now, but a new report from Android Police indicates the company might soon be adding a new Google Support feature to Nexus. With it, device owners could share their screens directly with a Google support worker who could then help them navigate through whatever steps the person needed to solve their issue.

Presumably, the move would also allow Google's support teams to diagnose issues faster, as they would be able to see exactly what appears on a person's device instead of having to rely on their descriptions—which may or may not leave out some critical detail Google Support would want to know.

Google itself hasn't officially indicated whether this feature has received the green light, but Android Police did manage to get its hands on a mockup of what the app's design might look like. While that's not as good as a screenshot for rumor-verification purposes, it's better than nothing.

As well, it's not as if Google hasn't talked about potentially dropping in a live support feature for Android. Back when rumors ran that "Android Silver" was to be a thing—a very hands-on, Apple Store-like treatment for those looking to buy Google-blessed Android phones from participating carriers—it was suggested that Google would build in the same kind of live technical support in the form of a "hangout assistant" that you could bug whenever you needed help with your device.

We're assuming that Google Support will be limited to Nexus devices, as it would be difficult for Google to have the innate expertise to cover every single Android device out there. That's a bit much. We also don't know if the feature is just for screen sharing, or whether a support assistant would also be able to perform actions on your device as part of the troubleshooting.

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