Pretty Isn't the Point


Download People have always been drawn to beauty. Pretty usually wins, but Product Designer Lars Martin Haukohl puts it best, "Great design creates a perfect fit between the product and the human. Beauty is just another function." Read this paper to learn the three questions that great designers ask in the development process that lead to killer products, what MIT found about the design-led organization and more. Explore what makes a market WOW, not just a market win.

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    Which says it best? iMessage vs. Facebook Messenger vs. WhatsApp

    At the 2016 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced that iMessage is about to get a fairly substantial facelift in the coming months.With the future of iMessage now set forth, how will the app hold up in comparison to other widely-utilized messaging apps, namely Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp?
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    A Bunch of Bixby Remap Apps Now Available

    After Samsung killed the original Bixby remap method, developers have been busy trying to figure out another work-around for your Galaxy S8 or S8+.I say that because most just seem to be apps that launch Bixby in order to call up another action, like Assistant or another app or your camera.
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    T-Mobile LG G3 Receiving H63120b "Marshmallow" Update

    The G3 from LG on T-Mobile is in the process of receiving an update, one which we ever so slightly thought might never come.With Marshmallow, G3 owners will be introduced to Doze for better battery performance, Google’s Now on Tap for quicker search, comprehensive app permissions, better control over notifications, and probably tons of bug squashing.
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    Have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970? Here's How to Get $30

    US residents who purchased an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 graphics processing unit between Sept.The total L2 cache was lower than originally reported by Nvidia, too (1.