Shine Text Bot Will Give You a Daily Confidence Boost


Need a little extra motivation to get out of bed in the morning and face the world? A new text messaging bot aims to deliver the encouragement you need.

Dubbed Shine, the free SMS and Facebook Messenger bot delivers "daily tips for self-fulfillment" right to your phone, Monday through Friday at around 8:15 a.m. Expect not only positive affirmations but also "tactical actions" you can do that day to feel your best.

For instance, you might wake up to a text saying: "Today, get your daydream on and practice the power of visualizing what you want to accomplish. It can give us the power, motivation and blueprint to make it happen. Dream the big dream. Dare you."

Shine launched its SMS service in beta this October and has already exchanged more than 2.8 million messages with its users, the vast majority of whom are under 35 years old, according to TechCrunch. As of today, it's available via Facebook Messenger as well.

Shine is the brainchild of New York-based millennials Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey, who say they want to empower people — especially teens and women — to "be their best selves at work and in life."

"We know some days you feel awesome and others not-so-much," the duo wrote on their website. "We curate and send daily content that empowers you to slay your day and feel your best self."

To try it out, head over to the Shine website and enter your phone number to receive messages via SMS, or press the "Message Us" button and say "hi" if you prefer to use Facebook Messenger. In addition to the daily morning broadcast, you can now ask Shine about work and life topics you need real-time help with, such as negotiating a raise or being more mindful, the team said.

Hopefully Shine has a better run that Microsoft's Tay chatbot.

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