Report: Samsung Phones to Display 'Smart Glow' Alerts


Samsung is reportedly jazzing up its handsets with a new "Smart Glow" feature.

The Korean manufacturer is putting a spin on the common notification LED—a light found on many Android devices to inform users of incoming calls and texts, social media posts, or battery status. Future phones, according to SamMobile, will come with an illuminated ring around the rear camera lens, which users can personalize to display priority alerts based on their needs.

But Smart Glow isn't limited to just notifications: SamMobile, citing Dutch website Galaxy Club, suggested it will also serve as a photo assistant. For all those times you want to snap a selfie with the back camera (who even does that anymore?), the Smart Glow ring reportedly lights up blue once the phone detects a face and takes a pic within two seconds.

The new feature will reportedly launch alongside the upcoming Galaxy J2 smartphone, expected for release this year in India. Users can visit Settings to toggle it on or off and set priority alerts.

Samsung did not immediately respond to PCMag's request for comment.

There is no word on whether the function will be built into the Galaxy Note 7, reportedly arriving on Aug. 2, SamMobile said in a separate report. The blog on Wednesday pointed to a leaked press invite for the Samsung Unpacked event in New York City. An image of the invitation includes the hashtag #TheNext Galaxy, and says "The next edge is just around the corner," tipping a curved display.

The timing is similar to the Galaxy Note 5 unveiling last year, which happened on Aug. 13—a departure from previous years when the company waited until September's IFA trade show.

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