10 Cool Tools To Build Apps Without Code


Building an app doesn't always require skill in software development. All it takes is one of these tools and you too can create effective business-class apps.

It's hard to imagine a world of enterprise IT without programmers. On the other hand, it's difficult to imagine a successful business that has time to turn every app project over to the IT department. There are tools to help bridge that gap -- tools that a growing number of professionals are using to build working applications without calling in the experts from IT.

Last August, I wrote an article about building applications without code. In the year or so since, no-code application development has evolved, and the tools available to professionals who want to make an app happen have continued to improve.

To keep things complete, I'll revisit a few tools highlighted last year, and add several options for your consideration. The most recent addition to the field was revealed earlier this week, when Microsoft announced Sprightly, a mobile app billed as a content creation tool that will actually allow for a bit more functionality than its marketing implies.

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That's part of both the charm and the price of this tool category. While several tools we're looking at here will build complete, powerful applications, many approach the app-building process from a particular point of view. If the POV is the same as yours, then these might well be the only tools you need for your apps. If the POV is radically different from yours, then you might well be in for a frustrating time.

One thing is certain. The 10 tools featured here will help you do cool things without having to write any code. Forget all the "C++ or Java?" debates. You won't need either one. All you'll need is a good idea and the ability to work with a relatively simple drag-and-drop interface.

Take a look and let me know what you think. Have you used one of these no-code options? Have you recommended one (or more) to your coworkers? What do you think about the whole notion of allowing people who aren't part of the IT department to run around building apps?

Let me know in the comments section below. I'm intrigued by all the possibilities, and a little bit nervous about how those possibilities might manifest themselves in real-life business environments.

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