Automation, Speed and Quality: The Keys to Your Continuous Delivery Journey


 - Join Us for a Two-Hour Live Simulcast Launch and Best Practice Event -

To remain competitive in the application economy – businesses must accelerate time to market. But there’s an entire process of planning, development, testing, and fixing that must be optimized and automated to release quality applications into production. New feature delivery used to happen over days or weeks, but now is expected in days or hours. But merely speeding the process can risk quality as cycles are compressed.

Did you know that you can have both speed and quality?

Join InformationWeek and a team of industry experts on June 15 for a unique virtual event where you can learn how the Continuous Delivery methodology offers the rapid and agile approach to delivery and still ensures the optimal experience for your customers. Hear from industry experts and discover solutions that will help you automate the app dev pipeline from planning to production. Plus, you will be among the first to hear an exciting announcement from CA Technologies as they unveil new solutions for optimizing your Continuous Delivery strategy.

At this virtual event, we’ll discuss such topics as: 

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