Security Delivery Platform: Next-Generation Cybersecurity Foundation


Download It's not a secret that the cyberthreat landscape has changed dramatically, rendering many traditional approaches to protecting the organization and its information ineffective or inadequate. The problem is not with the individual security solutions, but with the fact that they're not often deployed and managed with optimal efficiency and effectiveness. This creates "holes" and vulnerabilities that hackers will exploit.

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    10 Cool Tools To Build Apps Without Code

    There are tools to help bridge that gap -- tools that a growing number of professionals are using to build working applications without calling in the experts from IT.Last August, I wrote an article about building applications without code.
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    Fleksy Isn't Dead, Should Have Updates in "Next Couple Weeks"

    Over the weekend, a reddit thread suggesting that popular keyboard app, Fleksy, had been abandoned, really picked up steam and caused a number of its users to worry about future support.The thread pointed out that the app hadn’t received an update in almost two months, even though it previously seemed to receive them every couple of weeks.
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    Amazon Lets Alexa Roam Free

    Today, Amazon launched the Alexa Voice Service Device SDK, giving businesses the tools to bring Alexa's speech-recognition capabilities and cloud-based intelligence to their own commercial products and devices.In the case of Alexa's newly granted freedom, the inverse happened.
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 With 6.3" Infinity Display Announced, Available Mid-September

    3″ QHD+ Infinity display, updated Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB RAM, updated S Pen functionality, as well as enhanced DeX capabilities.As for when you can purchase your very own Galaxy Note 8, it will be available in-store starting September 15.