Gartner Insights on Digital Workplace Execution and Transforming the Employee Experience


Download The digital workplace is a business strategy to boost employee agility and engagement through a more consumerized work environment. It is based on the assumption that engaged employees are more willing to change roles and responsibilities and embrace new technology. That allows organizations to exploit the creative potential of their workforce, while exploiting new work models that deliver better business outcomes.

Every digital workplace effort is different, but most share common steps, such as understanding employees' needs, partnering with other business units, rethinking the service desk, and creating a marketing or branding campaign. Included in this complimentary Gartner report is a discussion of these common attributes through a real-world case study of a US multinational corporation that is in the third year of an extensive digital workplace initiative. The employee experience is of paramount importance, and human-centered design methodologies are routinely used to create solutions that meet the needs of employees.

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