From Cost-Center to Profit Center: How Investing in Commercial Operations Drives Growth for Medtech, and 3 Strategies for Getting Started


Download In a commercial environment that becomes more complex by the day--due to factors such as increasing margin pressures, evolving customer-buying processes and the industry's increasing focus on outcomes--new technology holds promise for medtech companies to overcome these challenges and turn them into opportunities. However, many firms consistently fail to capture that promise. According to ZS's recent Medical Products and Services Commercial Operations Study, more than 80% of companies find it challenging to justify an ROI from their commercial operations investments.But there is a silver lining, evidenced by the fact that 33% of medtech companies are, in fact, able to achieve significant ROI on their investments in commercial operations. Download this article to learn what these high-ROI companies doing differently to enable their commercial operations organization to drive revenue and add real value.

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