Driving Towards a Data-Based Future


Download Every business needs information to run effectively. Medical device company Alere had limited information when it came to product sales. Mismatched data and manual processes prevented teams from visibility into customer data. Desperate for a change, Alere embraced a new strategy and technology in partnership with ZS. This case study, conducted with Alere Sr. Business Intelligence Director Jason Jarrett, discusses Alere's journey to a single, trusted source of information - and the dramatic impact it had on their business.

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    PlayStation Now (for PC)

    If you're a PC gamer who longs to play PlayStation 3 titles but you don't want to purchase a console, PlayStation Now may be worth sampling.com (for PC) %displayPrice% GameFly %displayPrice% Green Man Gaming %displayPrice% itch.
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    Verizon is Pushing Updates to These 11 Android Devices

    To end 2016, Verizon is sending out a wave of security patches to most of its flagship phones.The batch of updates are available this week for the HTC 10, Moto Z family, Galaxy Note 4, Note 5, Note Edge, Galaxy S5, S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge+.
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    Tracker-Blocking Firefox Focus Browser Arrives on Android

    Mozilla just released a version its Focus browser for privacy-conscious Android users.Previously limited to iOS, Firefox Focus automatically blocks ads and many of the trackers that normally follow you around the web and slow down your browsing.
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    Samsung Pay Now Available in Spain

    Hey, Samsung Pay is now available in Spain!Outside of the US, Korea, and China, this is the first new market (and first in Europe) to get access to Samsung’s best-in-the-business mobile payment app, so that’s kind of a big deal…if you live in Spain.