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Similar to Google’s Play Store, is also a market place for mobile users to get free apps of their choice. Unlike Google’s Play Store though, Aptoide actually gives users the freedom to manage their own app stores. Aptoide is currently available in seventeen languages and there are plans to add more and reach a wider network of users. Aptoide cannot be downloaded from Google Play Store so for users trying to get their hands on Aptoide, will have to download Aptoide APK online and transfer the file to their Android smartphones or tablets and install the apk file. Once the installation is complete, users can then add their own stores. There is a default store available too and many other stores that belong to other users that can be browsed. Aptoide also provides an Aptoide apps backup that makes sure that any app that the user must have downloaded is recorded and kept a backup of. Other applications within the stores can be run by the use of a back office in Aptoide official site.  A lot of free apps can be downloaded from Aptoide: Minecraft, TubeMate, or hundred of free games etc. Currently there are over 100 million people using Aptoide and there have been over 1,970 million cumulative downloads. There also happen to be over 714,000 apps in the 170,216 stores. These are amazing figures and they continue to be on the rise. If you intend to create your own app store then this is the place for you. Download Aptoid apk file today and transfer it to your android gadgets and install it and you are good to go! Users can distribute, promote and monetize the apps that they have created. The app stores have a lot of variety and content on offer and are easy and convenient to use. Just like the Play Store, users can search for apps here too and see which the top apps are and which apps are trending. Users can also see which apps are most downloaded and also get a lists of newly launched and recent apps. Unlike Play Store that seems to remove apps that allow users to download YouTube videos, there is no such restriction in Aptoide. This is an attractive feature that will bring in even more people to try out Aptoide on their Android device. Aptoide is not necessarily a complete replacement to Google’s Play Store but it provides worthy competition and gives users the option of choosing an alternative and having personalized app stories instead of a centralized app store. Should you get Aptoide? YES. It provides something different and edgy and is excellent in its own unique way. Download the apk file today and transfer and install Aptoide APK on your Android devices today and enjoy a different experience and check out new apps that users design and promote.

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