8 iPhone, iPad Apps To Jazz Up Your Presentations


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The best presentation apps do more than organize material for group meetings. These eight apps for iPhone and iPad users offer a variety of interactive features and mobile capabilities that can jazz up your next talk in front of your boss and coworkers.

One of the easiest ways to bring your ideas across to a large group of people is through a slideshow or some other dynamic presentation. However, the trick is to hold your audience's attention -- and with many people suffering from PowerPoint fatigue -- it's a real struggle.

Thankfully, there are a slew of presentation applications on the market that not only help you spice up an otherwise static collection of slides, but also invite audience participation and let you present via mobile platforms and desktop systems.

With the world going full-tilt mobile, InformationWeek has selected the best presentation apps available through Apple's App Store, including Google Slides, which the company updated last week to include new features such as an interactive audience Q&A.

The new Slides Q&A feature lets audience members submit questions from their smartphones, laptops, and tablets -- and then vote on those they most want answered.

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Users can sort the questions based on audience votes and respond to the top ones. In an effort to make the process of presenting more streamlined, users can now present their slides to Hangouts, Chromecast, or AirPlay from their iPhone or iPad after downloading the Slides app.

Aside from Google there are, of course, dozens of options for those who craft presentations on a consistent basis. To help you chose the best one for your needs, InformationWeek looks at eight different apps that can help you present your ideas to the corporate board, or help your department understand your next big idea.

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