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Now here is an app that lets you download videos from different platforms according to your needs. The videos you download through aTube Catcher apk can be later edited, modified, shared and viewed without the necessity of being online to do so. aTube Catcher is one of the best Downloader for Android.

At a size of 9.1 MB, aTube Catcher is easy and fast to download. It works incredibly well with all android smartphones and tablets that have an operating system with a version of 2.3 or higher. What Makes aTube Catcher Awesome! Sure there are other apps that can do similar to what aTube Catcher does, but that still does not take away the fact that aTube Catcher is a pretty awesome app. Here is what the aTube Catcher app can do for you.

aTube Catcher APK provides users excellent User Interface (UI) experience and using the app is very straightforward and simple. The processes that you need to carry out can be done in a minimum number of steps and without any major complications.

Using the aTube Catcher apk will not limit users to one format. Right from .avi files to mp3 and mp4 files and even flv, WMV and PSP files, the range of formats that can be used with the aTube Catcher is extensive. Furthermore, users can also select the size, number of frames to appear per second, aspect ratio, and audio and video codecs. This allows users to download files according to their requirements and keeping the size, speed and functionality of their smartphones and tablets in mind.


The ability to download just audio

While both audio and videos can be downloaded, users also have the opportunity to download just the audio excluding the video. This might seem a very ordinary aspect, but it is actually crucial if you only want to hear and not see the content as it happens with podcasts and e-books. This saves storage space and also ensures that the date gets downloaded pretty fast. 

You can download from a range of platforms and not just YouTube. Users can download videos from websites such as Dailymotion, Google, Yahoo videos and Stage6. 

Perhaps what makes aTube Catcher so amazing is that it does not have annoying ads are featured on it that disrupts the user experience when it comes to other apps. This is an excellent feature because most apps use ads as a sort of revenue and hamper the experience provided to app users. 

The aTube Catcher APK is an excellent app for all your android video download needs. It provides excellent services that user will enjoy and can have an amazing experience with it with hardly any difficulties or complications. Download the app today and give it a try. It is sure to transform the way you download videos and media content. 

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