Swordfight! Streaming sticks from Google, Roku and Amazon compared


It’s fair to say streaming sticks are here to stay. And why not? These tiny little tech marvels can often perform the same tasks as their larger set-top-box brethren, but at half the price and well under half the size. In fact, with Apple seemingly determined to take on both the cable/satellite and gaming console makers with its revamped (and much pricier) 4th gen Apple TV, we’d say the Sticks make even more sense for consumers who simply want to get their stream on.

But which one is best? Google was the first to hit the refresh button on its Chromecast late last year — and kinda blew up the whole “stick” label with its flying-saucer-meets-hockey-puck shape. Not to be outdone, Roku’s Streaming Stick is now all-new as well, though it appears to have taken some of its design inspiration from Amazon’s Fire TV Stick — a device that will likely be refreshed soon, if recent price-drops are any indication.

We evaluated all three devices in the categories that matter most, from ease of use to games and video quality. Take a look to see which stick should win your streaming dollars.

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